Women Must Take The Lead

Since the beginning of civilization, the world has been a playground for men with the women reduced to mere spectators who can only cheer-up or weep _as the occasion demands. The world has been ruled by men for long. They have failed to fulfil all hopes of making the world a better place to be in, with the passage of time. The problem with our country is that it is dominated by men. For many years we have heard of affirmative action. Yet nothing comes out of it. Since independence, men have used their might to keep women out their mainstream politics. The result has been the political and moral decadence that has engulfed our Nation. Consider all the bad decisions that have been made since independence. Who has made them? How many women were mentioned or involved in the politics. In our country, since childhood, the woman is expected to have patience, forbearance calmness and politeness. It may be said that woman is physically weaker and more emotional than man. But, how much has physical strength to do with the running of the affairs of the world? There are a lot of emotional complications involved in child bearing, child rearing and other functions restricted to female sex. What more is required prove her emotional strength. The strength and capabilities of the modern woman are such that she can accomplish everything that men can. She has also, now after centuries, learnt to appreciate her own qualities and deeds. Our government must henceforth be headed by those with a voice of reason, those who know the pain of bringing forth life into every sphere of world. Thus, women must step up and take the lead. ‘Failure, however does not mean the end of handling affiars by men . it means that solutions are always there and our solutions now is to try what we have not yet tried in this journey.I am proposing that all men should step back and lit their mothers, sisters, give it a try . Mrs Namrata Sharma TGT English

AGS Rajouri